“Glow” is the new EP from London melodic punk band Triple Sundae. When looking for an album cover, they spoke to me about using one of my photos from the Aurora Borealis in Iceland.

The Photo

The photo was taken in January 2019. I’m a huge fan of Iceland, returning every winter to enjoy the seasonal conditions and natural beauty of the landscapes. Since I first saw the Aurora Borealis, I’ve always wanted to capture it myself. I don’t see many other expressions of nature in this world with such majesty, and I find it hard to see a landscape more deserving of this than in Iceland. However, that same mysterious nature of the Northern Lights makes it rather elusive. On each occasion I had been missing a key element, such as the right camera, or even the Aurora itself. This time, I did however manage to put everything together. With long exposure shots, I managed to capture the Aurora, with exposures between 10-20 seconds. The one I provided to the band was my favourite, as it shows the movement of the lights amongst the stillness of the sky and the silence of the landscape.

You can see more Aurora Borealis photographs here:

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The Band

Triple Sundae are a four piece melodic punk band from London, UK. Comprised of Hassan, Mike, Andy, and Zandro, “Glow” is the follow up to 2018 release “Peace of Mind”. The band recently finished a national tour with American group The Jukebox Romantics.

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Photograph – Matt Mitchell