Aurora Edition

Aurora Edition is the sum of many passions, united by one common love of photography, design, and social media. We’ve worked with grassroots teams as a volunteers, up to international Grammy nominated artists.

Nature, Travel, and Wildlife

Our name comes from the natural phenomenon, the Aurora Borealis. A thirst for travel and exploration lead to the original project – capturing images of the Northern Lights. After that, focus turned to wildlife and promotion of conservation efforts. Maybe there’s some bias towards Red Pandas…

Music and Live Events

From outside broadcasts and pub gigs with bands just starting out, to professional concerts with international award winning artists; we have experience with working of all levels of musician, crowd, and lighting conditions. Taking the moment to learn the songs and capture the very bend of a note or primal release of emotion is essential. Additionally, promotional work with merchandise, social media support and even albums covers have been highlights of time well spent.


Learning to take photos of Formula 1 cars at tyre tests through the 00’s certainly helped us get used keeping focus on anything. Magazine and website work lead to full accreditation from IndyCar in the USA. Speed and technology being captured at their prime is great motivation to continue working in this area.

Chris Griffiths

Photographer and Social Media Manager, Chris has been working as a senior photographer for event-photos.co.uk since 2000. Additionally, over this time taking commercial jobs over many mediums, for differing businesses, organisations, teams, and publications.

By day, pouring time into these passions through employment in social media management and content creation keeps work fresh and exciting, whilst projects and commissions behind the camera and reporting keep the soul alive.

No matter the background or budget, get in touch. If it inspires me, we can enjoy a great project together!